Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Hello. boys and girls. After a long absence in the world of Vanguard, I am back and I hope, for a very long time.
However, this time I will try to post regulalry and, not just particular deck profiles but also some general theory which I do hope will help the new players and give some headaches to older ones with my rather peculiar views. Nonetheless, I am receptive to feedback and criticism as long as they are well argumented and based on sound reason.
Tears of rejoice aside, I was surprised when I found out that you can have up to 16 G-units. Of course, there are units such as Blaster Dark "Diablo" or Dragheart, Luard which can easily bypass the grade 3 restriction and with the latest, avoid to deckout but I believe that is a little bit of overkill, even with the need of G-guardians.
Speaking of G-guardians, this is one of the best thing that happen to this game. Even though, it is a late answer to the power levels going berserk, I believe that this is a proof of Bushiroads sanity and sense of balance.
Moving suddenly to another topic, I began trolling with my good old Legion Musketeer decks, with a bit of G twist and I managed to actually win by outlasting my opponent.  Nonetheless, the Legion deck with which you could blast your opponent in a couple of turns (Oh, Yggdrasil,) are not that competitive anymore, even with the G-support they got. Limit Break still packs some force, mainly because that period was one of the craziest because of the "early rush" (which I do still use now).
Also, at the same time I became intrigued by Gear Chronicle so do expect some deck profiles from this clan as well.
With this, folks I am leaving you in hopes that this blog will get a second life. 

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