Thursday, August 6, 2015

Touken Ranbu: First Impressions

 Hi people. First of all I wanted to say that for a short time I am back in vanguard (mostly because thre has been major updates in certain area that really interests me.) and I will try to post not just decks but also opinions, general strategy on clans and/or other issues, strategy etc,
 This time we are going to talk about a new clan that appeared in Vanguard: Touken Ranbu.

 The clan's art and idea appeared from a Japanese game with the same name meaning: Swords Wild Dancing
 The game itself focuses on traveling back in time and defeat evil forces which are trying to change the course of history. As strangely is it seems the clan's main skills aren't based on that skill (we already have a clan that focuses, more or less, on that area.)

 The clan's general strategy and mechanics aren't hard to comprehend but at the same time require a more "strategist" type of player rather than the "agresive" type.
 First of all, that is because of the Shinken Hissatsu. Bassically, this is a Limit Break ability. However, if earlier the LB abilities were held only by grade 3's, in this case .all grades have this ability meaning that in order to have an full profit from the early stage of the game until the end of the game, the player must exceed in a particular skill: damage control. Damage control is much harder than a simple "defending" strategy. Unlike defending which involves more like guard the attacks if you can and follow some simple templates. Here it is involved the fact that you need at least three damage and maintaining at three early game, and preferably mid game as well.
 In general therms, you can make a deck that is based just on this mechanic since the clan. at the moment, has more card with this ability than with the MVP mechanic.
 The moment I mentioned above is imported since units that have MVP skills have skills that affect other and only units with the MVP mechanic giving them bonuses such as power bonuses etc.. And this mechanic has another important moment MVP abilities have a cost, which can only be paid once per turn affects all your other units with MVP" ability preventing them to use their own "MVP" ability during that same turn.
 In lamer therms, you will have access just to one MVP ability per turn meaning that your "strategist" side must much more stronger than other sides. 

First Impressions
At first, I had the impression that I could never manage a Touken Ranbu deck but as it turned out it is manageable to a certain extent. First of all, during my testing, discovered that the Shinken Hissatsu decks backfired to decks that tend to deal early damage such as Nova Grappler and Aqua Force. And the second thing is that you can have access to powerful units much more earlier than the other current meta games.