Monday, July 27, 2015

Vampires of Nemesis.

Vampires of Nemesis

Hi there. I know that I didn't post for quite a while but you can visit this blog from time to time for some good and original decks.
 Recently I have been testing a new deck based on some of the new support DI got and on some older stuff. The results of the deck were quite surprising, even for me to be quite honest. Before passing down to the deck list itself., a short intro of the clan itself would be wise.
 So, according to wikia the Dark Irregulars' "... gameplay revolves around increasing the number of cards in their soul, and gaining advantages based on how large their soul is. The units in this clan are largely based on dark creatures from various mythologies and stories, like vampires, ghosts, demons, and "mutants" who are shunned because of their otherworldly abilities"
 Now, to the deck list itself.

Grade 0:
1x Greedy Hand
4x Dark Knight of Nighmareland
4x Blitzritter
4x Hysteric Shirley
4x Cursed Doctor

Grade 1:
4x Succubus of Pure Love
4x Flag Breaker
3x Doreen the Thruster
4x Dimension Creeper

Grade 2:
4x Flying Librarian
4x Squall Maker Vampir
3x Flirtatious Succubus

Grade 3:
4x Echo of Nemesis.
3x Scharhrot Vampir

4x Storm of Love, Kisskill Lila
4x Abominable One, Gilles de Rais
 So, this is the final version of my new DI deck. It is been quite fun to play with him since it is oen of the most decks whic says "now or never".
 The deck is quite simple to use but I will explain some motives why I choose these units and not others/ The deck's main target is to drive your opponent at four damage, gather 15 cards into the soul and then land a perfect win with Abominable One, Gilles de Rais.
 So, as usually, I will start with my trigger ratio. As you can see, I use an 8 crit/4 draws/4 heal ratio. At this point I was put in a very tight spot. As usually, I was playing my 12 crit/4 heal ratio in my DI deck but those slowed down the soulcharging process a lot so here I switched a set of critical triggers to Hysteric Shirley. This allowed me to soulcharge faster and reach the minimum soul I need. Also, Dark Knight of Nighmareland can be of use in times of need but use it only in extreme cases.
 So, in order to win faster the game, you need early soulcharging. That is why, besides Hysteric Shirley, I haver additional sources of soulcharging.
 In this deck I use the classic combo between Greedy Hand and Dimension Creeper. The combo between those consists of using Greedy Hand's counterblast to put Dimension Creeper into the soul. Also,  Dimension Creeper can be a great grade 1 ride and that is already two copies of  Dimension Creeper into the soul. Now, by soulblasting those two copies, you can soulcharge two more for each copy. In the end, you get a +2 cards into the soul. Not to mention that another copy of Dimension Creeper can easily land in your soul through the soulcharging process meaning another +1 in your soul.
 However, the main source of this deck's soul is the entire grade 2 section. Flying Librarian is one of the most important soulchargers of the deck. By counterblasting one card, you get soulcharge two cards. After that, if you have 6+ cards in your soul - you draw a card and then, if you have 10+ cards in your soul - you get to unflip a card in your damage zone. Because of this huge advantage, I start to soulcharge as early as possible to get those advantages. Flirtatious Succubus is an on call soulcharger (meaning when it appears on the field, you can soulcharge one card.). It is a great grade 2 ride since it is a 9k base and a good attacker and interceptor in case of need.
 Another good soulcharger as well a very good vanguard if your opponent by some miracle survives your both attacks with Abominable One, Gilles de Rais is Echo of Nemesis. Echo of Nemesis is a farely more consistent soulcharger than the other grade 3 and on top of that - doesn't use any coutnerblasts which is important as well. Plus, it has a similar skill like Abominable One, Gilles de Rais just without the crit which means a perfect back up as a vanguard.
 The last important piece of this deck is the classic Doreen the Thruster. This card is amazing in combination with any soulcharger. This card reach 30,000 power alone in one turn if you do everythinh properly.
 Overall, the deck is quite good and consistent but you need some time to understand the full potential of the deck so be patient with it. Also, as you can see in this deck I use a lot of classic cards that might seem odd to you and may not agree with. Well, in this case all I can say is to play it.
 And, finally, I know that htis blog may be dead but I really don't have time to post a lot here. I will post some decks that I really enjoy playing and I really like. So, you can come here like once  amonth to see some awesome decks.

Good Bye

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