Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Genesis deck: Minerva update.

 Building a Genesis deck is one of the hardest tasks. Genesis has a lot of units. There are some staples, must have units of course but the rest of them are so good, that tempt ypou to put them in your deck. This clan, unlike other, has very few useless units that, even in the right deck can do quite a wreckage.
 When building a Genesis deck, it is important to know what the boss needs and from that point, you can start building the deck.
 The new extra booster for Genesis, extended the "Regalia" sub clan it giving it not oonly the possibility not only to build a new deck but also to update the first deck that involvedd Regalia: the Minerva deck.
 Just to feel the difference, I will post the old deck so that you can make the comparison.
Note: for the most recent summary intro of the clan you can read the inroduction here.
Grade 0:
1x Battle Maiden, Amenohoakari
4x Cyber Tiger (critical trigger)
4x Battle Maiden, Kukurihime (critical trigger)
4x Lemon Witch, Limonccino (critical trigger)
4x Witch of Big Pots, Laurier (heal trigger)

Grade 1:
3x Shield Godess, Aegis
3x Apple Witch, Cider
4x Witch of Frogs, Melissa
3x Witch of Oranges, Valencia

Grade 2:
3x Witch of Ravens, Chamomille
3x Witch of Grapes, Grappa
3x Goddess of Trees, Jupiter
3x Battle Maiden, Sabohime

Grade 3:
4x Regalia of Wisdom, Angelica
4x Omniscience Regalia, Minerva

And now for the new deck:

Grade 0:
1x Battle Maiden, Amenohoakari
4x Far Sight Regalia, Clear Angel (critical trigger)
4x Battle Maiden, Kukurihime
4x Lemon Witch, Limonccino(critical trigger)
4x Regalia of Benevolence, Eir (heal trigger)

Grade 1:
3x Regalia of Frozen Breath, Svalin
3x Apple Witch, Cider
3x Witch of Frogs, Melissa
4x Exorcism Regalia, Shiny Angel

Grade 2:
4x Witch of Ravens, Chamomille
4x Regalia of Fate, Norn
4x Evening Regalia, Hesperides

Grade 3:
4x Regalia of Wisdom, Angelica
4x Omniscience Regalia, Minerva
 This deck comparison is made out of pure entertaiment. I really wondered how the first "Regalia" units will work with the latest large addition. It turned out to be more destructive than original deck.
Let's start with I have kept. I have kept the trigger ration from the first deck: 12 crit/4 heals. Even with the new Regalia stand trigger skill, the critical is important as the power and I have decided in the favour of the first.
 Battle Maiden, Amenohoakari is practically the best soulcharger ever made. Using it with Regalia of Wisdom, Angelica, you will be able to soulcharge two cards per turn. Even with Omniscience Regalia, Minerva as your vanguard, the soulcharging process is pretty stable with a litle help from here and there.
 Witch of Ravens, Chamomille and Witch of Frogs, Melissa will always be two of my favorite units to have in a Genesis deck. Thanks to them, you can have another extra way to fill your rearguard slots, perform additional attacks, and on top of that, they are perfect grade 2 and grade 1 rides.
 Regalia of Wisdom, Angelica and Omniscience Regalia, Minerva, are obviously common parts of the both decks. Regalia of Wisdom, Angelica represents the main soulcharging engine of the deck along the starter. Also, her break ride ability is very useful to soften the hit on your hand by Omniscience Regalia, MinervaOmniscience Regalia, Minerva is one of the best Genesis units. It's a standing vanguard (very common in the break ride era.) that can actually work. She is very effective, being able to hit good numbers, independent standing, no hard conditions to fullfil and it is a crossride which helps a little bit with the defense.
 Now, it is time to observe the differences.
So, in the triggers I have replaced Cyber Tiger with Far Sight Regalia, Clear Angel and Witch of Big Pots, Laurier with Regalia of Benevolence, Eir. Another similar change was done with Shield Godess, Aegis, replacing it with Regalia of Frozen Breath, Svalin. Even though they share the same skills (having none can be considered the same as well.), the main purpose of the change was made because they have "Regalia" in their name (talking about being royal).
 Apple Witch, Cider is a part of the both decks but the difference is when it can be used. Now, the grade 3's are not the only "Regalia" units around it's skill can be used much earlier. The most efficient would if woud use it with the new "Regalia" QW. It's a sweet combo that will probably set more than half of the soul you are going to need.
 The extra booster set gave us units that allow us to soulcharge not just from the deck but also from the drop zone as well. Exorcism Regalia, Shiny Angel is one of those units. Even though there is similar unit in the grade 2 , four of them will be plenty. When called, you can choose up to three "Regalia" units in the soul from your drop zone. This way you can recycle the units you soulblasted. And because of this unit I decided to add as many Regalia units as possible.
 Sure, you can add any Regalia you want but the best Regalia unit to put in your soul is Regalia of Fate, Norn and/or Evening Regalia, Hesperides. As  Witch of Ravens, Chamomille, both have skills that activate upon soulblasting. Regalia of Fate, Norn gives power +5000 to a "Regalia" vanguard and Evening Regalia, Hesperides allows you to retire a unit if the attack hits the vanguard (talk about pressure.)
 Now, the new version of the deck has been more effective and more destructive than the initial version. It adds a little bit of everything: pressure, power and those can be recycled again and again, without putting you in the danger of decking out or, God forbid, soulless.

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