Monday, October 27, 2014

Blue Storm Cyclone.

Hello there Another awesome deck profile by me and this time we are going to talk about Aqua Force. Aqua Force (AqF for future reference.) is a clan that has it's beginnings in the 8th set: Blue Storm Armada.
 The clan has a clear military art focusing on the navy theme. The clan has got seldom support. However their clan had been and is, at the moment, one of the most powerful and broken clan.
 The core of the strategy focuses on multiple battles but not restanding. (Even if they have some units that restand on their own or let you restand other rearguards) and a lot of skills activate based on the number of a certain battle. The first battle is usually a power up and allows you to exchange postions with the another unit in the same row.  Starting with the third battle, the pressure is on. The third battle is a boosted on and that is why AqF has a lot of grade 2 units that let you do something (draw a card, stand another AqF unit, etc.) if it is the third battle and, in most cases, that unit's attack hits (most of the times, it must hit the vanguard.).
I hope you understood what I meant. The strategy of this clan is so easy to understand in practice but very hard to explain in words.
 Besides that, the clan also has a natural ability for an early rush for both grade 1 and 2 giving a huge gap to begin with. And even if the opponent survives with no damage that turn, you will reduce his/her hand quite a lot. The downside is that would bring him/her much more closer to perform Legion. But, believe me, it is worth the risk.
 The deck below is pretty simple to use with a little bit of experience.
 Grade 0: 17
1x Blue Storm Cadet, Anos
12x Stand Triggers
4x Heal Triggers

Grade 1: 14
4x Blue Storm Marine General, Hermes
4x Blue Storm Soldier, Tempest Boarder
2x Blue Storm Guardian Dragon, Icefall Dragon
2x Blue Storm Battle Princess, Electra
2x Patrol Swimming Jellyfish Soldier.

Grade 2: 15
4x Blue Storm Marine General, Gregorios
4x Blue Storm Marine General, Ianis
4x Blue Storm Marine General, Starless
3x Twin Strike Brave Shooter

Grade 3: 4
4x Blue Storm Wave Dragon, Tetra-burst Dragon
  The new "Legion ratio" has been very effective for me. Thanks to this, I can focus on one strategy without any delays such as break rides or lame alternatives. Another good thing about it is the fact that you will invest much less money in such decks than the ones that run 7/8 RRR grade 3's.
 A lot of players are debating what ratio is the best for AqF. There are a lot of variations but I choose to go a little extreme playing twelve stands. The reason behind this is that when your Vanguard attacks (usually it is the 4th battle), all of your units are at rest. Going with such radical decision creates an element of surprise in your favour. Also, using Mass Production Sailor as the stand trigger will add more to that. The thing is you can put more than 4 copies of it in the deck. This way you can confuse your opponent on your trigger ratio. 
 It proofed very efficient of me reaching even 6 battles per turn (vanguard included.) while playing stand triggers. The more safer way is to play 8 stand/ 4 draws or 4 crits/ 4 heals. The decision is up to you to make.
 Now, let's talk about defending. The clan is basically, an offensive type so defense is the most important priority but this doesn't mean you don't have to play Sentinels. I choose to play 2 Blue Storm Battle Princess, Electra (PG) and 2 Blue Storm Guardian Dragon, Icefall Dragon (QW) since the deck has some problems getting 4 cards in the drop zone. Playing 4 Blue Storm Battle Princess, Electra is okay but it will slow you down a little bit your Legion (not by much.) If you decide to play 4 Blue Storm Guardian Dragon, Icefall Dragon, than you will have some real trouble. The thing is, that all the counterblast part should be used mostly by Blue Storm Wave Dragon, Tetra-burst Dragon (unless you want to eat damage just for skill.). That is why I had to go with he new Sentinel ratio that most of the Offensive deck use.
 Every turn the counterblasts reserve will be reduced until you are going to reach 0. Now, I really hate the part where I must take damage despite the fact that I can defend myself (remember: one of the AqF key elements in their strategy is to create a gap of damage in which you have less.)
 Patrol Swimming Jellyfish Soldier can help you with that part of the job. When called, by soulblasting two cards, you can choose up to two cards in your damage zone and turn them face up. The skill is great but since I will not have enough soul to spare for more than two times, I think two copies of it will be enough.
  Achieving three battles before the vanguard is quite easy despite the limitations of the field. The 4th battle can be achieved through two units in this deck. The first unit is Blue Storm Soldier, Tempest Boarder. At the end of the battle this unit boosted, if your vanguard is in Legion, you can choose two units in the same row and exchange their positions (but the state doesn't change.) In this case you will need two units that can hit the vanguard on their own, in the same row (anything but Blue Storm Marine General, Starless. He is a different scenario.) After that, you boost with Blue Storm Soldier, Tempest Boarder the rearguard in the front. After that battle, choose the rested unit in the other rearguard row, exchange it's positions with the one in the back row (the state remains the same.) and you have a new attack.
 The method above is quite complicated and it screws my plans a little bit but it is a safe measure. The other method to achieve a fourth battle is with Blue Storm Marine General, Starless. First of all , he is the mate of our Vanguard and that is why it needs to be maxed out. Secondly, using this is much more simpler. Attack with him first, then if your Vanguard is in Legion, he gains +3000 power, and at the end of that battle, switch the him with the unit in the back row and attack with that unit. It is best to be use either with Blue Storm Marine General, Gregorios (the Blue Storm 12k attacker) or Twin Strike Brave Shooter. The last one gains +3000 when attacks if you have two or less units at rest (he counts himself as rest when he attacks.) so he is perfect for second battle. I added him as a result.
 Now, AqF has a lot of rearguards (especially grade 2) that activate skills on the third battle (not the fourth or more. I want real pressure) and/or when hits anything or the Vanguard. I choose the pressure since it always consumes a good chunk of shield and because I can benefit from it if it actually hits. Finally, I chose to go with Blue Storm Marine General, Ianis. When his attack hits the vanguard and if it is the third battle, if your Vanguard is in Legion, you can draw a card. This somehow compensates for the lack of the draw power and used right away after Legion, you can actually succeed in activating his skill.
 Blue Storm Wave Dragon, Tetra-burst Dragon is your main boss, obviously. By a counterblast, this unit gains +5000 power and extra crit. (if it is in Legion of course.) The attack has enough pressure to make it your opponent guard it. And since you will run twelve stands, you will have a high chances of practically beating down your opponent.
 Overall, the deck is pretty simple and basic and doesn't require a lot of skill, despite the complicated description I gave.


  1. Hi, just a thought, do you think only running 8 cards that allow for a restanding rearguard is enough? I thought adding Blue Storm Marine General, Spyros adds another swapping skill, and it is the same skill as starless, but it can be the second battle that turn, so they can work together. Also it is a bit of a shame that Aqua Force only got Tetra-Burst for a legion unit as the skill is so basic for an aqua force deck, and the power/crit didn't really feel very aqua force themed in my opinion

    1. Well, Spyros eats counterblasts and I need at least and 11k power so that it would be able to hit the vanguard.