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Absolute Legion: Graceful Knights

 Hi there, it is me again. So, this is the second article from the Absolute Legion series which are based on the Grade 3 Revival Campaign.
 So this one is all about Royal Paladins but not just any paladins. This involves the first good ace of the clan, King of Knights, Alfred. It was quite meta before the LB, BR and Legion but as each of those came, it ha been forgotten in midst of the game's history.
Note: If you want some background and base strategy info, click here. (read only the intro.)
 The campaign brought a Legion that involves this card. It's name is Vanguard of the King of Knights, Ezer.
 [ACT](VC): Legion 21000 "King of Knights, Alfred" (If your opponent's vanguard is grade 3 or greater, this unit may return four cards from your drop zone into your deck once, search your deck for the specified card, and Legion)
[ACT](VC):[Soul Blast (2) & Choose a card with the same name as a unit in your (VC) from your hand, and discard it] If this unit is in Legion, search your deck for up to one grade 0, grade 1, and grade 2 card, call them to separate (RC), and shuffle your deck.
[CONT](VC):If this unit is in Legion, your units cannot boost this unit.

 [CONT](VC):Your units cannot boost this unit.
[CONT](VC):During your turn, this unit gets [Power]+2000 for each of your «Royal Paladin» rear-guards.
[ACT](VC/RC):[Counter Blast (3)] Search your deck for up to one grade 2 or less «Royal Paladin», call it to (RC), and shuffle your deck.

 Now that you saw both skills, I will try to do some basic review so that you could understand the full potential of the skills as well as the restraints.
 Now, let's start with the Legion skill of Vanguard of the King of Knights, Ezer.
 Royal Paladin were always good at superior calling but with heavy counterblasting. This skill however involves Legion Persona Blast (meaning you have to discard one copy of one of the units on your Vanguard Circle..) Also, it is in your advantage that this card isn't limited to once per turn meaning that you can use it more than once per turn as long as you can pay the  cost. This small technicality allows you to deal with clans such as Narukami and Kagero. And, probably unimportant, but since the skill doesn't mention that the circles must be open, it can help you to deal with Megacolony as well.  As for the other power creeps, the deck can withstand that as well with their usual shield quality.
 As for King of Knights, Alfred, you can use it's skill to superior call a unit but it's kind of heavy and it must be used on extreme cases.
 Now, if you paid attention to the both skills, you see that they both have a restraint (probably to remove confusion) but considering the fact that King of Knights, Alfred gains +10000 power with a full field in addition with the 21000 Legion power (creating a total of 31000 power), you can say that this restriction is quite understandable. Also, 31000 power is quite standard in the Legion meta so don't worry about that.
  With that said, let's see what can we do with the current pool of card:

Grade 0: 17
1x Libergal
8x Critical Triggers
4x Margal
4x  Heal Triggers

Grade 1: 13
4x Flash Shield, Iseult
3x Flail Seeker, Hasbasado
3x Toypugal
3x Lake Maiden, Lien

Grade 2: 12
4x Shibelgal Seeker
4x Contract Seeker, Menprius
4x Blaster Blade Spirit

Grade 3: 8
4x King of Knights, Alfred
4x Vanguard of the King of Knights, Ezer
 So, the basic idea of the deck is to massive superior call. And since the aim is perfect, it is perfectly safe to use some on call skills.
 Grade ratio as you can see is the classic 17/13/12/8. I know that some people wills say that I am a hypocrite or that I am breaking my own rule of running from 4 to 6 grade 3's. But for every rule there is an exception/ And that exception is for Absolute Legion series which will run at least 7 grade 3's.
 Libergal is my first vanguard and it's the traditional grade 3 searcher. Out of the starters that are there you can say that this one is the best because you will need at least two grade 3's in your hand if you want to use the skill right away after you Legion.
 The trigger ratio is 8 crits/ 4 draws/4 heals. I played the Rainbow Triggers because of Silent Sage, Sharon's skill but after testing, I convinced myself that Margal will be able to provide extra soul alone without any extra help from Silent Sage, Sharon. That is why I replaced it with another set of crits.
 Flash Shield, Iseult is the null guard. You can run anything that has the same ability as Flash Shield, Iseult as long as it is from Royal Paladin clan. I decided that running 2 null guards/2 quintet walls or 4 quintet walls is not an option. By using a Quintet Wall, you may end up with a grade 3 in your drop zone because of this (I even ended up with 2 of them) so now, the only option remain is 4 Null Guards.
 Flail Seeker, Hasbasado gains +4000 power when called (either from hand or deck but I prefer the latest). It is perfect for a final turn push with something that has at least 10000 power base. Even if I do not run the vanilla, Blaster Blade Spirit has a 10000 power base. If it's called from the deck by counterblasting one you can retire one grade 2 or higher unit from the front  row. However, when it's targeted by an attack, you must retire it (doesn't matter if the attack hits or not.) A perfect balanced unit and also a perfect target for Vanguard of the King of Knights, Ezer. Pretty sweet combo, don't you think?.
 As for my other grade 2 units, they are all about pressure. Shibelgal Seeker let's you draw a card when it's attack hits a Vanguard but your Vanguard must be in Legion. It's 8000 power base can be compensated by Toypugal. Thanks to it's ability (gains +3000 power in boost when you have 2 or more grade 3's on your rearguard circle and/or Vanguard Circle), you will have a good row of 17,000 power.
 Contract Seeker, Menprius can be of use in many cases. It's ability is a on-hit Vanguard grade 3 searcher (when it hits the Vanguard, but paying counterblasting one you can look at the top five cards and search for a grade 3 among them.) It can help in cases of grade lock, also it can be a tool to fish out a part of a cost but the most important thing is that it provides pressure just as Shibelgal Seeker.
 Lake Maiden, Lien is a key unit for your Legion. Every clan that has such a clone is pretty lucky (unless limitations are provided.) By resting it and discarding one card you can draw one. Nothing big but it can provide Legion material but it can also be a stable engine of extra draws. Since the Vanguard cannot be boosted but you will need something behind it to be at full strength,  Lake Maiden, Lien is the best choice for "boosting" the vanguard.
 As a final saying, I can say that this deck stands quite good in therms of pressure and drawing. And since it involves superior calling a lot, it gives you some good hand surplus and in mid-game, you will have increased chances of getting triggers thanks to Royal Paladin's natural perfect aiming and Legion of course.

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  1. Nice deck profile, really hits all the marks as a royal paladin deck, with aimed calling. I have play tested my own build, similiar to yours, and there is really nothing wrong with ezzell. Can you give me your opinion on G-Assist and stride, as the new mechanics and how they are impacting the game? Also I'm looking forwards to seeing an Amon revival legion profile :)