Friday, September 26, 2014

The Dragons' Den.

 Cheer up, my  friends
 As dragons arrive
Big and dreadful and spitting fire
Burning everything to ashes
These dragons are from the Cray planet
And they are known as Kagero clan.

 After this brief introduction, I suppose more detailed info must be required. The poem talks about the looks and a little bit of their strategy  (why in every TCG must be dragon-based cards and decks?).
 Kagero is one of the first clan released and got abundant support up until the 5th set (which includes the first standing vanguard - Dragonic Overlord the End .) After the 5th set the support had been shut down until the 11th set where they pretty much got more awesome cards than before allowing to create an overrated and overestimated combo (but effective) with their break ride - Dauntless Drive Dragon. From that point on,it has been as clear as day that the core strategy of this clan is standing vanguards.
 Besides standing vanguards, Kagero specializes in retiring the opponent's rearguards (even though not as powerful as their lightning brothers from Narukami ) in very interesting ways. The latest way of retirement is retiring unis in the same column as the unit with the effect. (Mirror retirement.) And to make the things better (or worse, depends on how you look at it), there are units that activate their skills when the you retire an opponent's rearguard. The most often is that they power up or unfliping. 
 As I said above, the clan specialize in standing vanguards and the deck list below is no difference:
Grade 0:17

Grade 1: 17

Grade 2: 12

Grade 3: 4

 The deck is working quite well with just 4 grade 3's. If you want some safety, you can run Red Pulse Dracokid as your first vanguard but Fargo is far more better. A good thing about this is that the main boss has "Overlord" in it's name so you can splash in some "Overlord" support as well (like I did with Lizard Soldier, Fargo). Another good thing the deck is not so "Perdition" focused which gives you the chance to replace some Kagero cards that have the same skill (for e.g: you can replace Perdition Dragon, Rampart Dragon with Wyvern Guard, Barri since basically they share the same skill.)
 The first thing I am going to talk is the Grade 0. First of all the started I use (Lizard Soldier, Fargo) but since I am planning on using him with Perdition Imperial Dragon, Dragonic Overlord the Great (damn, that is a long name.) there are no problems. 
 As for the triggers, I put some names just for the eyes with the exception of Seal Dragon, Artpique (it is better to have triggers with skill.). Many players say that in Kagero clan it is better to have 6 crits/6 draws/4 heals (which is mainly used for Persona Blast decks). I broke the rule and it turned to work better than that. Kagero is all about power and pressure. And that thought made me to use the standard ratio (8 crits/4 draw/4 heals.) You could play 12 criticals and 4 heals but that means "all or nothing" and it is more for people with a great deal of Vanguard experience.
Since we are at ratio thingy, I will explain why I run two Quintet Walls (Dragon Knight, Gimel) and two Perfect Guards (Perdition Dragon, Rampart Dragon). Besides the classic Legion argument (you must have at least 4 cards in your drop zone to perform Legion and for Kagero that is harder to fullfil.), Kagero has hand issues. For this clan, is hard to maintain a good hand and playing four PG will make your hand more thinner and playing 4 Quintet Walls will eat a lot of counterblasts and the deck is heavy counterblasting already, and that is why I compromised on using two of each type.
 Since I mentioned heavy counterblasting, I thing it is a good time to place Lizard Soldier, Grom here. When called, by soulblasting two cards, you can unflip up to two cards. I run three because I want to make sure that I will  use it at least once (I usually used twice since you will have a minimum of 4 cards in the soul.). I quit on Belicosity Dragon since I need the unflipping mid and late game and there is no way that this unit's attack will hit the vanguard.
 Now to the offensive part. The first combo (involves Perdition Dragon Knight, Tarayev and Perdition Battler, Mareisei. They both gain +5000 and +3000 respectively when a unit in the same column as they are retired at any step during your turn. They gain the most out of Perdition Imperial Dragon, Dragonic Overlord the Great's skills and without them, you will lose some good numbers and more possibly, a good deal of pressure as well.
 Perdition Dragon, Dragonic Neoflame is first of all, the Mate of our main vanguard and that is why you need to max it and second reason is it's skill.When you  call it to rearguard it gets a pretty nice skill until the end of the turn. Whenever a unit in the same column is retired by counterblasting one card, you can retire another one in the same column. More simply put, you will kill two birds with one stone.
 That is all folks.
PS: I know this is a short description but the deck is practically autopilot (like all of the meta decks) and with a bit of experience, the deck is great for "middle-beginner" level (I dunno if I there is such level.)


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