Sunday, September 21, 2014

Lords of Winter Seas

Hello, everyone. I cannot tell how much work I have on my hands at the moment. All this releases making a lot of big waves (mainly because of world finales and English world is finally catching up with Japan.) deck profiles has just tripled (not to mention my dear college work.) Anyway, I will keep posting about the upcoming stuff and hopefully, make it in time for all meta decks that I really love and about the decks I really love. (I have started two other decks profile already and I have no idea when I am going to finish.) So all this things aside, this deck is all about pirates, (Granblue clan.).
 Granblue clan debuted in the very first set of this game but it got seldom support. In BT13, it got some cool units including a Ğ¯everse crossride and a breakride. Afterwards, it got some support in FC2014 (as all other clans). However, BT17 provides us with a significant support including more superior calling from the drop zone,a Quintet Wall and some power-up stuff.
 The strategy of this clans is not hard at all. It transforms the drop zone into a toolbox of units that may be superior called. In addition to the usual ways of filling the drop zone (guarding, discarding and healing) they have an unique special ability (for Vanguard that is): sending cards directly from deck to the drop zone (more simple: milling.)
 The deck bellow is a combination of all the sets mention above. I know that some stuff isn't out in English format yet but with the astronomical speed of release and mutilations,  you may get it at the end of 2014. That said, let's move to the deck list itself.
Grade 0:
1x Captain Nightkid 
4x Jimmie the Ghostie
4x Rough Seas_Banshee
4x Gunshot of Sorrow, Nightflare
4x Doctor Rouge

Grade 1:
4x Brutal Shade
4x Chief of the Deck, Arman
2x Evil Shade
2x  Gust Jinn
2x Reef Banshee

Grade 2:
4x Ruin Shade 
4x Dragon Corrode, Corrupt Dragon
3x Three Star Chef, Pietro

Grade 3:
4x Lord of the Seven Seas, Nightmist 
4x Drift Ice Swordsman, Nightsnow
 The deck is working quite well and I really enjoy this deck, The deck combines units from different sets (FC2014, BT17, BT13, and some units from the beginning of this clan.) so it may some problems finding old units. The core strategy of the deck is to perform break ride twice (the first break ride will be normal and the second one is a superior one.) in the same turn and combined with a certain Limit Break, you can get an entire field with a back row of 15k and a rearguard front row of 17k. Sounds pretty good for a good rip off.  The downside is that it may work twice at most since we don't recycle anything. Moreover, you need quite a setup.  Since Granblue superior calls from the drop zone, you will need some good material. Here comes in Evil Shade and Ruin Shade.
 Evil Shade allows you to mill the top two cards of your deck in exchange for +4000 when boost a vanguard. Running two copies is enough since it works only with the vanguard. It is best to use it early or at least before the all setup would be ready. It was very painful for me to choose between this and Sea Strolling Banshee. At the end, Evil Shade won because the deck didn't have enough milling.
  Ruin Shade is pretty much the same as Evil Shade. It gets +2000 power at the same cost and when attacks. Both of these are key units in the deck that will build up your drop zone.
 Another way of building up the drop zone is through guarding. Besides the usual shields there are Sentinels. Any clan that makes use the drop zone (such as Neo-Nectar ) or can create an amazing combo using them (such as Genesis) usually run 4 Quintet Walls but here we have an exception and that is heavy counterblasting. Without an efficient unflipper (I threw in Three Star Chef, Pietro because it is the only unflipper that Granblue has and this deck needs one.), you are very tight when comes to counterblast and that is why I play 2 Quintet Walls and 2 Perfect Guards.As soon as Granblue gets some efficient unflippers you can switch to 4 Quintet Walls with no problem.
 The most desirable targets for superior calling are Chief of the Deck, Arman and Dragon Corrode, Corrupt Dragon. These two units have the same skill: they gain +3000 when called from the drop zone until the end of the turn. Now, they gain an additional +5000 power from the abilities that they will be called with. Now, do the math yourself and you will see how much power you will have.
 Before to the main and final piece of this deck strategy, there is one more unit that is not crucial but it proofed to me to be extremely useful:  Brutal Shade. It will be released in BT17 and it is a limit break 4 canceller (it allows you to apply limit break 4 abilities at three or less damage including break rides.). It got announced at a Vanguard tv stream in July that many clans will get such units and Granblue is fortunate to be one of the first ones to get it. Now, the last and most important  piece of this setup.
 You need to have at least one copy of  Drift Ice Swordsman, Nightsnow in your drop zone. For this sole reason, I run Captain Nightkid as my starter. At a price of a counterblast and putting it into the soul, it allows you to peek at the top 10 cards of your deck and put one of those into the drop zone. It happened very rare when I didn't get him but this is your safest bet for this deck.
I use the standard trigger ratio since getting a stand trigger at the peak of your power is highly unlikeable.The only reason why I would make room for them would be if they would have damage unflipping.
 That is all for today folks. I hope that tomorrow I will make another deck (possibly Grannblue again or something.)


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