Friday, September 19, 2014

Heirs of Morgana.

 Hello, there, Today I came with a new deck profile (I know you got pretty tired of that) for a sub-clan that I am really a fan of: Witches. I have talked about  witches who bring hope (justice, harmony and other good stuff.) but this time I will talk about darkness, fear, despair, silence. Meet those witches who are responsible for all of that: The Shaladin Witches.
 Since this is the first time when I talk about this clan I will put some general stuff. Shadow Paladin was introduced in the 4th set and  instantly became a hit.In the first two seasons they were low on support but  they became popular even they barely got support but starting with third season they hit the tier 1 list and from that point, they got some serious support.
 Shaladin's can be interpreted an opposite of the Royal Paladins. (it was expected at some point.). Their basic strategy is to retire units in as a cost (or a part of it.) for theirs skill but there is a  problem of such strategy: maintaining hand (you cannot expect to be the normal call a dozen units and still be able to defend yourself) and here is where Shaladins copies Royals skills but unlike in Royals, Shaladin units don't hang around a lot. And for the sake of mentioning they have some minimum draw power which allows you, if you are brave enough, run 12 critical triggers (if you are insane than go for 16 criticals and no heals.) Also an oddity I have observed in Shaladins starting from the third season is that they kept a large hand despite the negative facts mentioned above.
 Now, Shaladin Witches. As in all clans, Shaladin Witches were just a support sub-clan but with the new extra booster, they can stand on their own. Their strategy is different from the original Shaladins (the replace your opponent units with grade 0 and even decrease the opponent's vanguar power). Another curious thing about it is that they have more draw power than any other Shaladin deck. So , now, let's go to see the deck list and explain what and why is here and how it works.
Grade 0: 17
1x Witch of Banquets, Lir
4x Black Crow Witch, Eine
4x Witch of Goats, Medb
4x Grim Revenger

Grade 1: 15
4x Witch of Nostrum, Arianrhod
4x Witch of Precious Stones, Dana
3x Witch of Pursuit, Sekuana
4x Dark Revenger, Mac Lir

Grade 2: 12
4x Witch of Reality, Femme
4x Witch of Attraction, Adora
4x Inspection Witch, Deirdre

Grade 3: 6
3x Witch of Enchantment, Fianna
3x Cultus Witch, Rias
 As you can see, I broke free from that the break ride system when you ran 8 grade 3. Well, it is not the case anymore. The break ride decks tend to run 8 grade 3's in order to make sure that you will ride in the right order (first the break ride and after, the unit you will finish your opponent with.) However in Legion decks that is not the case. In Japan, most of the winning decks (where Legion has become meta already) have 4 grade 3's and rarely, 6 so you can draw the conclusions yourself. Also by decreasing the grade 3's number you free space for units you want in a deck but you can't put them (a Vanguard deck must have 50 cards exactly>>> no more no less.) That said we move to another ratio: the trigger ratio.
 I use a rather unusual trigger ratio for the Shadow Paladin clan (8 criticals, 4 stands, 4 heals.) The Shaladins don't run stands since they are retiring a lot and counterblasting and that is why usually it run the standard 8 criticials, 4 draws, 4 heals. Witches retire a more light than other SP decks  but counterblast more heavy and that is why you need some unflipers. I tried Cursed Lancer (hit the vanguard>>> unflip one) but it wasn't effective as the latest way.. Now, Bushiroad realized that stand triggers weren't popular and that is why they tempted us with giving them some nice skills and Witch of Goats, Medb is no exception. When called, if the opponent hast two or more grade 0 on the field, then you can unflip one card. This unit has been to tuned to work with our FVG (Witch of Banquets, Lir) which allows you to call two grade 0 unit if the attack hit and the Vanguard is in Legion (which will hit eventually) giving the possibility to unflip two cards at once. Another fact that made me replace draws with stands was that the deck has plenty of draw power and hence, made the draws optional.
  In order to perform the Legion, there two main condition. The first one is to have the Mate of your vanguard (at least one of them) in the deck which is practically already done. The second one is to have at least four cards in the drop zone (now this one is harder). There are many ways of achieving (playing a quintet wall, early guarding etc.) but the most easiest way is using  Witch of Nostrum, Arianrhod. This unit is one of the key units of the early game (and every clan that has such units and Legion are quite lucky). By resting it and discarding one card from your hand, you can draw another. Performing this early allows you reach faster one condition that takes longer to fill: having at least four cards in your drop zone. This unit is the perfect ride if your going first and/or using two copies of it, you won't be forced to delay your Legion.
  Witch of Enchantment, Fianna is your main enforcer and your main draw power. In practice I have discovered that this form of retirement is way much better than the usual one. You're not only get rid of your opponent's units, but also you decrease your opponent's chances of getting triggers. On top of that, you will be facing half-backed attacks (14,000 average.) Also, her last skill provides you a tremendous draw power and, possibly, to fuel up the drop zone for your next Legion.
  Witch of Precious Stones, Dana and Inspection Witch, Deirdre share the same skill: replace one unit of your choice on the field when called with one grade 0 of the opponent's choice at the price of a soulblast. Besides replacing you the units you can get two major advantages. The thing is that when your opponent performs Legion, in the most cases they return triggers. That said, by using those two, you take away the most wanted Legion  triggers. The cost represents another advantage since it will fuel up the drop zone for another possible Legion.
 Cultus Witch, Rias is your killer unit. There is no point in using it early because your opponent will just say  no guard and survive. You must use this skill when your opponent is most vulnerable (low hand, 4+ damage). Also it is better to use it when your opponent will have at least three grade 0 on the field (Bushiroad already ruled that a Vanguard may have negative value) for maximum performance.
 For an additional diminishing power you can use Witch of Pursuit, Sekuana. It diminishes opponent's vanguard by 5000 by retiring one "Witch" rearguard as long as he has two or more grade 0 on his side of the field. You can use it y in your grade 2 turn where Witch of Attraction, Adora's pressure is available. She is on hit-Rias clone. When it hits the vanguard, by paying a cb1, you choose a rearguard and your opponent looks at the top five and reveals it with a grade 0 (it;s very rare that they don't have a grade 0 among those cards.)
 Now the last but not the least: Sentinels. Now, I play 4 null guards because I can get four cards into the damage zone without consuming an additional counterblast. The 2/2 ratio woks for clans that have no other means of sending cards to their drop zone.
 In the finale I have to say that this is pure fun to play. It tickles your brain to think, on how to fit the puzzle pieces of your strategy and how tto make the final result shine.

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  1. Darn, nice profile, but now I can't decide on Witches or Phantom Blaster Abyss. Still can't wait for EB11.