Sunday, June 15, 2014

Legion & other things

 Hello there people. I didn't post for some while so I hope I am going to catch your interest with this formal article about latest releases. The reason behind this is that (my future decks will involve Legion obviously I had to make my viewsabout Legion and other major changes that came with it ) Bushiroad, besides Legion, had made some huge changes in therms of mechanics as well as deck building possibilities increasing the variety of the decks exponentially. So what huge changes made two trial decks, one booster set and two upcoming extra booster sets?. Let start with some small things.
 The first huge change Bushi made was removing clan restriction. The previous two eras, Bushi developed an entire policy against clan mixing, but now they switched sizes. If earlier, building a mixed clan deck was quite impossible, mainly due to Lord restriction and as a side restriction a lot of skills apply if you had a unit with the same clan  as vanguard including null guards and quintet walls. Well, not anymore. Starting with Booster set 16: Legion of Dragon and Blades. Guardian Law Seeker, Shiron is the very first universal null guard  complemented by Harship Brawler, Toshu the first universal Quintet Wall. Now you have Sentinels for your mixed clan decks as well as you have the possibility to create a deck from scraps you get from different pulls (you know, when you get some good units and you don't have enough cards to build a deck.)
 Besides staple units, some Legion support units be splashed into a deck  (or anything else with no restriction} creating an absolute overpowered broken non-sense deck.And if you are worried about triggers, well you shouldn't. As long as you have at least  one unit that belongs to the same clan as the trigger you check, you can give the bonuses to any unit you want
 Now, to the main change of the season: Legion. Legion in my view is a return to basics. Early guarding, more mid game action than ever and of course with insane skills on each sidem breath taking cardfights. Sure there power creeps all over the place but I can't say anything bad on it 'cause I am one of those and the game won't survive if they would release only balanced cards. WIth that folks, I end my turn.

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