Thursday, January 16, 2014

Beat 'em all for fun!!!

I play only online on Cardfight Area (practically for fun all the times) and usually the decks I play with have some complicated strategies. So I was thinking:: why complicating things?. Wouldn't be just better to create a simple, beatdown deck. A deck that is fun and competittive at the same time. And I asked myself: why not rerun Jewel Knights?!.They're so fun. Reminds of the first days of Cardfight Vanguard:

Grade 0:
1x Desire Jewel Knight, Heloise.
4x Jewel Knight, Noble Stinger (critical trigger)
4x Blazing Jewel Knight, Rachele (critical trigger)
4x Devoted Jewel Knight, Tabitha (draw trigger)
4x Enthusiastic Jewel Knight, Polly.

Grade 1:
4x Flash Jewel Knight, Iseult
4x Stinging Jewel Knight, Shellie
3x Jewel Knight, Prisme
2x Sword of Hope, Richard

Grade 2:
4x Fellowship Jewel Knight, Tracie
4x Linking Jewel Knight, Tilda
4x Dogmatize Jewel Knight, Sybill

Grade 3:
4x Pureheart Jewel Knight, Ashlei
4x Leading Jewel Knight, Salome.   
So I'm not gonna write about every unit because the deck is pretty simple to run and doesn't require a lot of explanations. Desire Jewel Knight, Heloise it's an 8k booster and it's damn awesome because you don't go -1 like other starters do.  The trigger ratio is 8/4/4 because I need some draw power and I don't like stands in Royal Paladins. They're not big time rush type and I don't like wasting an attack in the hopes of getting a stand trigger. Sword of Hope, Richard is a standard unit that every United Sanctuary clan has. He's not a Jewel Knight but he can be called with Linking Jewel Knight, Tilda. She works great especially when you're continously breakriding. Pureheart Jewel Knight Ashlei. She gives you 10000 power and +1 critical when you ride a grade 3 on her,. So breakriding this continously will give you a total of 31,000 power and critical two. This will waste a lot of your opponent's resources in guarding. However, their main boss, Leading Jewel Knight, Salome has something awesome too. The first skill is a limit break that'll give you +2000 power and +1 critical (reminds me of Majesty Lord Blaster.) That limit break will help in therms of pressure especially when it's drive check reveals a critical trigger. Second skill allows you to superior call any Jewel Knight from the deck. This will form your rearguard line up even faster and will help you to recover after any kind of retirement. Besides the usual guarding there are the null guards and quintet wall. Because of the heavy counterblasting you cannot use quintet walls (Summoning Jewel Knight, Gloria). With that out, the only option remains the null guard: Flash Jewel Knight, Iseult.
Stirring Jewel Knight, Shellie and Fellowship Jewel Knight, Tracie gain power +3000 if 3 or more Jewel Knights are on the field. It's not hard to maintain 3 Jewel Knights on the field so don't worry about that. I know what you're thinking: they can work in non-Jewel Knight builds. In theory, it can work but in reality, it doesn't (i'm speaking from my own experience.) 
So based on the above and experience with this deck, here are pro's and against of the deck:
1. Better aim at superior calling. Being able to bring out on the field specific units, you form one of the best rearguard line-ups.
2. Great speed. The deck forms a full rearguard line up in about 3-4 turns with a minimum hand loss.
3. By targeting your units that are called from the decks you increase your chances of getting a trigger
4. With all those criticals, you put a lot of pressure. That way, your opponent will pour a lot of resources in guarding.
5. Balance between defense and offense. This deck has an awesome offensive and also a viable defense. 
1. No damage unflippers. Royal Paladins don't have any damage unflippers so that limits the possibilities of th deck.
2. Runs a 10k vanguard. Running a 10k vanguard is a little bit dangerous in the current format but this shouldn't stop you from runing this deck.
3. Even if it's not crucial, the deck will thin a bit faster due to massive superior calling..

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